Wednesday, December 15, 2010

foundation life

i miss de previous time with u guys...^^
all in black ~ 
happy family ^^
lol...not ready yet ...=p messy arr~~~
Peace ! ^^V
with my 2 best sista ! lengnui ,pheweee~ 
wow...this who huh ? LOL
my BEST BEST bf~ haha! 
Fai didi ~ 


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

my 20th birthday

today i really dont want to celebrate my birthday,
recently occur too much unhappy things
make me frustrated ! hatred of my life right now!
i just want to become alone ..
but then you guys make me so so so HAPPY !!!
I wont forget today my 20th birthday!

1st, thanks you ALEX~ i love my HIPPO CAKE~
although i dint try because the beer making me too full ad,
but i appreciate it so muchhh~ i really like PINK HIPPO~ CUTE^^
LOVE YOU ~ My besta!

2nd, thanks you NICOLE~ thanks for sponsor beers for me!!!
i so want it that night!!!making me drunk~ no more sadness^^
happy birthday for you too ya!!!
together celebrate quite fun! and i love the feel together with u guys!

3rd, thanks you WinnShern, James, Eiko and ShARK sHARK!!!
YOU GUYS ARE fantastic!!!
i love de cake you make yourself  me~~
omg! it is SWEET like hell1!!
i got finish de cakes ! haha~
although we know each other just a short period! but i can feel the HEART from you guys!
appreciate it~
SHARKshark!!! i love my present so muchhiie!!! thanks you@ ~~

4th, thanks you my 6 hours bf - FAI ~
thanks for bring me to ipoh...acc me shopping and secret recipe cakess!!
wait for your birthday, i ll do de same thgs for you@ wait me ya^^
love you forever!

5th, the MOST IMPORTANT!!!!
teck weei , teck yuan and ah four too!!!
i love my cakes!
i love my present from ahma!!! EAR PHONE + PENCIL BEG!!!
i wont sad anymore , dont worry!
birthday should be happy!
i dont want to care the guys that not important for me !
think of myself and u guys!!!

ni men shi zui hao de!!!


few days ago i argue with my best friends ,
i admit i got fault that i angry both of them , 
i have no qualify to angry anymore ,
you want to kiss anyone , i have no right to stop ,
somemore that day is your birthday
everyone was happy but only me upset
i should control myself , i m too selfish ,
if i control my pressure well, this all unhappy things wont happen, u guys happy enough and i should pretend to be happy too...
now only think back, it is too late ,
you must hate me so much  ! 
my birthday oso don't want to wish me ! 
you really a small gas guy! hate you too!
i tot we both still can become best friends but you make all things become this worst ... make me to HATE YOU! nothing much i can say for you, just everything let it go... THE END !

jing micky!~~ 
this girl is a fucking bitch! 
i wont hate her! and thank you let me know this world got a type of ppl call "shuang mian ren" 
you are de one i met up! and you please fuck off from my life! ! !

Wednesday, November 24, 2010



Monday, November 22, 2010


很烦! 不喜欢你们吵架,很小很小的事就吵到酱严重,不喜欢看到你哭泣,心里真的不好受, 不要吵了好吗?

Monday, November 8, 2010

i'm lost but only you

because of my bad attitude, my friends start to dislike me and even hate me
i know this only this few days and it is too late to know all this
i did too many bad things to make u guys hatred of me
yup~ i admit all this , because i had change alot
since foundation life until now, about 2 years period
alot of things happen around me 
happiness and sadness
about my ex stuffs ...
it is obvious ! i seriously change my pattern (behaviors and attitudes) when i start my 2nd relationship...
firstly, i think that  because of tat FXXXer , and influence me change to another people
my friends all felt that i 'm not me anymore~ my attitude totally different, nobody can accept this! 
but day after day, i felt that this problem is my personal problem, 
not related to anyone of cause that FXXXer....
what wrong with me? 
why i change to become like that? STOP! 
don't make de problem become worst and can't cure !
i know it is hard to make my friend to accept me back...hate is hate ! can't force them to like me ...
i don't want to lost all my things anymore! 
i wanna find back~ if i did any wrong for u guys - i wanna say "I'M SORRY" !!!
i m not that clever when i make someone else not happy or angry, because my pattern is straight forward, din't think twice and just direct to say out my opinion~ 
that's why i make alot people unhappy and don't like to friend with me
i don't want continue all this! 
it's hurt and pain~
the things happen and it won't change back like previous time 
de things i should do right now is ...
don't do again ! this is a huge punishment and last time for me!
no more enough time for me to PLAY!
stop being like a kid plz!
guai la~ obedient and listen to mommy~ study hard ! 

Friday, November 5, 2010


i love you my boy ... 
- the end -

i have a lot thgs wanna share with you
but i can't say out for you when i look into your eyes 
i can't treat you like normal friend not because i don't want friend with you anymore, 
i can't control myself
yea , i admit that i still got feel with you
and even more deeply as compare with previous time
but what should i do? 
i wish i can satisfy what you want from me
i want do it for you my dear
but it's hard
i try again and again 
not your problem , is my problem...
this few days i trouble you  
i'm sorry ! 
the thg i only can do for now is concentrate on my study
as u told me that wanna graduate together and i won't give up easily for my life
i don't have any hope from you 
i 'm just wanna change my life 
become the life that strange for me
but i will try to adopt and work harder and harder
don't worry... i won't stuck into your life anymore
and you too harder for your study , graduate together ^^ 

love regards for you , my bb~